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     Our dream of owning our own camp site for youth was fulfilled in 1952 through the generous gift of land & timber for the buildings from Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cleveland. Before, our camps had to be conducted wherever we could find facilities. Work was started in December, 1952, by the men and women of the Association donating their time. By July 20, 1953, a tabernacle, boys' dormitory, girls' dormitory, and a mess hall & kitchen were ready for use. Our "first camp" was held July 20-24, 1953, with an enrollment of 91 girls and 68 boys. The faculty was composed of 30 men and women from throughout the Association. Rev. W. E. Craighead was our camp missionary. A love offering was given to him in the amount of $115.00. Rev. Lawrence Ray was the camp pastor and Mrs. Dean (Mary Dee) Ford, camp director. A well-rounded program was offered to the girls and boys. There was mission study, camp fire service, morning watch service, missionary message (morning and evening), mission pictures, singing, and playtime. Sixteen dedications and two conversions were made and influence planted in the hearts of the young people. The camp was dedicated on July 23, 1953, with the appropriate name, "Peaceful Valley". In 1954, the girls' camp and boys' camp were separated. Since that time, women of all churches have been at camp each summer to teach, be a nurse, a guide, and to help prepare meals. All volunteer work is done by the churches. This camp has proven to be a "Blessing" to many children who never would have heard of our Lord and Savior. A "Special Thanks" to the Cleveland's.


The above information recorded from:  "History of the Cape Girardeau Baptist Association". 1988. Women's Missionary Union. Compiled by Patricia Krueger, Marie Niswonger, Dawn Romanowski, and Yvonne Sherman.